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Please use email,        when contacting the training center 

For general inquiries, please send an email to

Staff Contacts
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Training Director

Assistant Training Director

Training Coordinator

Instructor Coordinator

Administrative Assistant


Administrative Assistant

Student Services

Administrative Assistant / Applications

Student Services

Craft Certification


Classroom Instructors

Daytime Program:

Brian Lynch:

Tylor McCall:

Nicholas Brown:

Sergio Puente:

Evening Program:

Chancellor Yazzie:

David Sanchez:

Dustin Summers:

Gary McBride:

Greg Schaefer:

Jason Weichert:

Jeremy Dirker:

Juan Yepez:

Mark Butler:

Devin Ahern:

Andres Soto:

Sierra English:

Robert Holcomb:

Frank Wehrheim:

Hunter Bridgman:

Koudjo Nsougan:

Warren Clement:

Thomas Diaz:

Jessica Zavala:

Justin Williams:

Pete Leonetti:

Kevin Evans:

Christine Thomas:

Lab Instructors:


Andy Begaye:

Chris Desch

Jeremy Uhl:

Mike Anaya:

Steve Atchley:

Oliver Emms:

Wes Bezold:

Mike Alcala:

Roman Molina:

Cesar Olivas:

Daniel Ferro:






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